Life Beyond Form™ Afterlife Between Lives Exploration

Thank you for your faith in me and for the honor of allowing me to be part of your journey. I am very excited to see what we will discover together and for the growth that we will experience along the way.

Please include your phone number below in case I can't reach you via email. Lots of Love, Daniel 🙂❤️

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Playing with Spirit Channeled Session

These private Playing with Spirit Channeled sessions give you an opportunity to interact directly with Spirit, to ask questions and to receive messages, transmissions and healings that are directed by your higher self and personal Spirit Guides. The energies that channel through me are always based on Love and are here to help you step even more into your own mastery and greater alignment with your true Self. (45-60 minute session)


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Life Beyond Form™ Afterlife Between Lives Exploration

Explore and Experience Aspects of Your Soul's Journey in-Between Lives

The Life Beyond Form™ Afterlife Between Lives session is for those who want a more in-depth exploration of their multi-dimensional Self in-between lives, which is the space that is often referred to as our spiritual home, were we come from when we are not incarnated in physical form. There is much to explore within this space and we will be working directly with your spirit guides and higher self, to have them show you what is relevant for you to remember and explore.

These in-between lives sessions will typically begin with a short regression through your current life, visiting the womb, a short visit to an alternate life in order to transition into the afterlife for the remainder of the session. Invaluable information is gathered along the way and the journey is driven by what your higher self and your spirit team want you to experience and remember.

These are often longer LBF sessions, which are often preceded with at least one short LBF session (i.e. past life, alternate life) in order to familiarize you with the process of deep relaxation and spiritual regression. A second short LBF session can also be helpful if you are interested in being able to identify other key members of your soul group prior to the Afterlife Between Lives session.

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