LBF Spiritual Development Starter Package

Thank you for your faith in me and for the honor of allowing me to be part of your journey. I am very excited to see what we will discover together and for the growth that we will experience along the way.

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Additional Life Beyond Form™ Short Spirit Journey

The LBF Short Spirit Journey, typically 1.5-2.0 hours long, is a first-hand experience of your multi-dimensional Self, where your Higher Self and Spirit Team share a story or metaphor that is filled with messages, transmissions and healing for you to expand beyond the current edges of awareness and understanding.

These stories often represent Past Lives, Alternate Lives, or are simply nothing more than a metaphor that allows your Team to share their message in a way that will resonate and align with you and where you are in your life right now.



Life Beyond Form™ Afterlife Between Lives Spirit Journey

The LBF Afterlife Between Lives session is typically 3.5-5.0 hours and requires having completed a Short LBF session.

These longer LBF sessions are intended to allow your Spirit Team to reveal aspects of the Afterlife, of who you are, and what you do when you are not incarnated in physical form.


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Playing with Spirit Channeled Session

These private Playing with Spirit Channeled sessions give you an opportunity to interact directly with Spirit, to ask questions and to receive messages, transmissions and healings that are directed by your higher self and personal Spirit Guides. The energies that channel through me are always based on Love and are here to help you step even more into your own mastery and greater alignment with your true Self. (45-60 minute session)


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LBF Spiritual Development Starter Package

This introductory package consists of three Spiritual Development Coaching sessions (60-90 mins) and one Life Beyond Form™ Short Spirit Journey (1.5-2.0 hrs).

The primary objective of this program is to help you start to understand who you are and to help awaken your inner power; awaken the innate spiritual wisdom and perfect well-being that is already at the core of who you are; understanding and exploring the power and infinite potential that is always available to you. Throughout the program, we will be looking to help you reconnect with your true nature, aligning you with your higher self and the energy of life.  

We accomplish this through a conversation and mutual exploration about the nature of life, about the mechanisms that make it possible for us to experience life and about the relationship between our spirit and body, which includes the importance of that relationship and the different roles each one plays in our experience of being alive.

The deepening sessions are designed to introduce you to key elements of the system of life we are living in, introduce you to key aspects of how your mind works, and explore the most relevant information from your spiritual journey that your higher self and spirit guide(s) want you to become aware of at this moment in time. We will begin to expand your understanding of what it means to be both spirt and human, and of the synergistic relationship between the two.

This package also includes one Short LBF Spiritual Journey session, where we will allow your higher self and spirit guides to share aspects of your spiritual journey that are most relevant for you at this point in time. As part of this session, we will also invite your spirit guides to connect and speak with us directly so that they can give you guidance and add clarity around the information that was shared with us earlier in the session.

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