"Exploring beyond the edges of your understanding requires great courage, so take pride in who you are, who you have become and everything you have already accomplished."

         ~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

All of my different projects are an extension and reflection of me and my own journey; of the internal and external exploration for a deeper, richer and more profound understanding of both my spirituality and humanity.


My passion is to explore and understand, to the best of my abilities, who we are as both Spirit and Human; of the symbiotic relationship between the perception of both; and the integration of this understanding back into our daily experience of life.

Even though I never experienced anything paranormal or metaphysical as a child, I have always felt strongly connected with my own spiritual nature. 

Life Beyond Form Three Principles Transformational Personal and Executive Coaching Spiritual Intelligence Exploration Past Life Regression Life Between Lives Reiki Healing

Throughout my life, I have pursued this passion for a deeper and more profound understanding of who we are and how our minds work. Over the years, I have spent a considerable amount of time extensively focused on learning,  developing a deeper appreciation for and understanding of different approaches and modalities that are used to help us all live a better life, to better understand who we are and how our minds works.

All of these areas of study have influenced and shaped how I explore, live and interact with my own life. They are also at the core of the understanding and solid foundation that I use for my work, each in their own way, as a Spiritual Development Coach and Spiritual Journey Facilitator.

The decades of my life can be used as a generalized reference for these areas of study, explorations and personal expansion:

1980s ~ Spiritual New Age
1990s ~ Psychology and Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy
2000s ~ Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Classical NLP and New Code NLP
2010s ~ Transformational Coaching  and the Three Principles
2020s ~ Channeling, Healing and Spiritual Regression (Past Life Regression, Womb Regression and the Life Between Lives® work of Michael Newton)

––– ––– –––

The information below provides the specifics regarding my business background:

💧 True Life Quest LLP • Founder & Owner • Global
Empowering spiritual growth for individuals and organizations alike through holistic consulting and executive coaching.

💧Caring for Aging Mother • Fine Dining Server at Salamander Five-Star Luxury Resort and Spa and Ford’s Fish Shack Virginia, USA
💧Core2us • Head Customer Excellence • Singapore
💧MarketOne SingaporeCo-founder & Managing Director • Singapore
Freedman International Business Director (Sales) • London
💧MarketOne Europe • Co-founder & Associate Director Operations • London
💧MarketOne International • Senior Lead Development Specialist • Massachusetts, USA
💧Advest • Advest Career Track (ACT) Management Training Program • Connecticut, USA
💧GM Marketing Internship • 
Creative Team Leader ~ 1st Place in National Competition • Massachusetts, USA
💧DMS Designs •
Founder ~ Sticker Design and Distribution • Massachusetts, USA 
💧Trailside Lodge • 
Front of House Manager & Business Advisor • Vermont, USA
💧Hot Tomatoes • 
Fine Dining Server • Connecticut, USA
💧Ritz Camera
Salesperson • Massachusetts, USA
💧Ready Flyer Distribution •
Co-Founder • Massachusetts, USA

Collegate Education:

💧Masters in Business Administration (MBA) • University of Massachusetts • Amherst, MA USA
💧Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts • Trinity College • Hartford, CT USA


For more about me and my background, you can also read my first blog post, written at the birth of Life Beyond Form™.

❤️ Remembering We Are Spirit ❤️ Learning That Being Human Is a Spiritual Experience ❤️

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(This image is a self-portrait of me leaning into the power of the strong winds coming from the ocean.)Life Beyond Form Three Principles Transformational Personal and Executive Coaching Spiritual Intelligence Exploration Past Life Regression Life Between Lives Reiki Healing_Daniel-Martinez-Stahl_FlyingCliff.jpg

My own True Life Quest is fundamentally about the understanding of our spiritual reality, of life itself, and of the system that we are an integral part of; while never forgetting that we are living in human form, which has its own challenges and rewards that are directly related to our ability to maintain a collaborative balance between our Spirit and our Beautiful Human. 

Like you, I am a fellow traveller on this amazing journey we call "Life." We are all in this together and we are fundamentally the same. Not only from the point of view that we are all connected as part of the universal consciousness, but also in the way that the Secrets of Life and Mind works within us. What's different about each of us the the unique way in which we interpret and interact with that system. 

By becoming more and more aware of how the universal nature of who we are and of how our minds work unites us, we are better able to cope and handle the challenges and perceptions that we are facing as individuals.

Our individual experiences may be different but we have all been lost, grieved, been depressed, stressed, anxious and been super self-critical and judgemental of ourselves all along the way. 

Some of my particular sticking points and learned habits have included being very demanding of my personal growth; who I was, simply never felt good enough. I was always:

💧 Comparing myself and my lack of progress with others
💧 Feeling like I was missing something major that others had already figured out
💧 Believing that there was always something else for me to fix about myself
💧 Nagging myself with self-doubt whenever I though about where I was or wasn't on my journey
💧 Very highly critical of myself and obsessed with over-analyzing every single thing I did or didn't do

All of these sharp edges of self-judgement have softened tremendously as my understanding of life has deepened and expanded. My mind has effortlessly become more quiet as my understanding has grown and I now I can honestly say that I live at peace more often than not. Something that I never thought I would achieve in this lifetime. 

My journey has become much more relaxed and enjoyable, and it is always getting better and better. I can only wish this for everyone.

My journey, like yours, is a constant evolution of change and progress and I'm excited to be on this adventure with you. If you decided to play with me, as part of any of my projects, it will be amazing to co-create with you and to see what comes through for us as we grow and expand together.

Ultimately, my hope is that our exploration into the edges of our mutual understanding, will awaken something in each of us that will help remind you of your True Self, of your majestic brilliance, and of the magnificent power that is already within you and is now ready to shine.

Thank you for the honor of allowing me to be part of your journey and for being part of mine.
   ~ Lots of Love, Daniel 🙂❤️

Being Spirit ❤️ Being Human ❤️ Simply Being from Love ❤️