"As we are on our journey of life, we have experience, and due to our lack of memory we perceive things without understanding or knowing the entire story...It's important to always go to the beginning, to understand how everything is unfolding. When we only have a snapshot, we don't have the truth, and it can cause lots of pain. That is all."

~ Message from Spirit Guide


Life Beyond Form™ 🦋 Case Study 001 🦋 25-March-2021


Amy and the Lion, A Story About Love, Sacrifice and Forgiveness

Amy, whose real name has been changed, was interested in exploring aspects of her spiritual journey, specifically a past life, and I informed her that what she experiences during a Life Beyond Form session, is ultimately driven by her higher self and her spirit guides. She understood and was completely open to whatever came through.

She did have some concerns regarding her ability to regress because she had been told by another person that her energy was difficult to work with. But, I assured her that the process was very straightforward and that it would be nothing more than a deep state of relaxation, utilizing her natural meditative state.

As for what she wanted to get out of the session, she was curious to identify the areas where she was blocking herself from her prosperity and from finding her true happiness. She also noticed that she was moving more towards her authentic self, honoring and loving the truth of who she was, and wanted to learn more about what that meant.

On the day of the Life Beyond Form™ session, we began by going through a variety of different guided relaxations, and then I invited her to follow a path of loving energy that would gently and easily lead her to remember another lifetime, a lifetime that was most relevant to her current experience of life. The scene took a little bit of time to materialize once we reached the end of the path, but as I began asking her simple questions about who she was, it helped her to associate more into the scene.

Amy said she was a seven year old girl, named Daishiwa, who was wearing rags, with nothing on her feet and had some kind of bag hanging from her shoulders. She said she didn’t have any hair and that she was with her family, which included her brother, mother, sister, and her sister’s baby.

Following is the transcript of our conversation that continued from this point, with only minor edits:

A: We're outside, I see a hut but we are outside. It's home.

D: What else can you tell me about the scene as it unfolds?

A: There's animals, (pause) I see a lion.

D: And is the lion friendly?

A: No, no, no. (pause) It's coming towards me.

D: Then what happens?

A: My mother, she's there, but she puts my sister behind her and I'm just standing there. It's still coming towards me, slowly, very slowly. I'm getting scared, I don't know. (voice becomes agitated) My family starts running but I'm still there (voice gets more agitated). I'm still there. The lion, (breathing quickly and more loudly) it's attacking me. It picked me up in its jaw. I don't know where it's taking me. (silence)

D: What's happening now?

A: I'm in a bunch of leaves, not leaves, grass, tall grass. The lion put me down and I'm bleeding. I'm bleeding a lot. I'm afraid. I'm really afraid. The lion is just looking at me. (pause) There's more lions. More lions are coming. There's more lions! (voice becomes agitated again and breathing becomes faster, and more intense) They are looking at me! They are over me! I think they are going to eat me! They're eating me!!! (verbalizes a sound of pain)

D: (I invite her to go out of her body and to observe the scene like a play or a movie.)

A: (In a calm voice) They are eating me, they are ripping me apart. There's a black panther or a jaguar, I don't know, it's a black cat that is watching them eat me. The black cat jumps in and it's making noises with the lions. I'm not sure what they are doing. I'm not dead, but I'm in pieces. I can still see. There is a lot of blood. I can see my skin cut up. It's disgusting! The lions left, I'm all alone (crying and taking short shallow breaths), there's blood. (pause that leads to silence) I'm in a lot of pain. I feel numb now. My face is feeling numb. Oh, I think I'm dying. All the blood, my face is numb. I can't feel my legs. I don't know if I have them.

D: (I remind her that she is safe and protected while she is remembering and re-experiencing this scene.)

A: The black cat is back, I don't know if it's a jaguar or a panther, I don't know. (calmly) It's eating me, I don't feel anything. It's just eating me.

D: Are you still alive or has your spirit left your body?

A: My spirit...I'm barely alive...looking straight at me. (Makes a quick sound of agony) My spirit left. My spirit is no longer here. It left.

D: Is there anything else about this scene that is important for you to remember?

A: I don't know, I just see nothingness. My body is mutilated. My body is in pieces and all eaten up. The cat is just there, it's finished. That's all.

D: (I ask her if she would like to revisit other scenes from this life or if she prefers to just allow this to continue developing from here.)

A: I'm ready to leave.

D: OK. Perfect, so allow yourself and your spirit to begin to move on, to wherever it is that it wants to go. But before we leave this scene, I'd like to ask your spirit, your higher self, the significance of this scene. It's a very dramatic scene, jumping into a lifetime moments before your death, and I'm interested and maybe your spirit guides can answer this question. What is the significance and importance of remembering this scene?

A: Forgiveness. I feel...I felt abandoned and my mom stood in front of my sister. I was alone. I died feeling abandoned and alone, and feeling that my mom didn't protect me. (starting to cry) My higher self is asking me to let it go and forgive.

D: Thank you for that. (Pause) Is there anything else you would like to share with me before we move on? (shakes her head no) So, I'd like to invite your spirit to move on through its journey, after this death. (pause) And now that you are spirit, how do you feel? What are you feeling now that you are back in spirit form?

A: Not sure how I feel.

D: Perfectly OK. I'm curious to get a little more understanding about this process and this experience you just had, and I'd like to ask one of your spirit guides, if one of them would be willing to join us.

G: Yup

D: And is there a name we can use to address you during this conversation?

G: No
(often times, spirit guides don’t feel there is any value in giving a name, and sometimes when they do, it is only a temporary and playful name)

D: Is it ok if I just refer to you as “guide”?

G: Yes

D: Excellent, thank you. I'm driven to ask you this question as an invitation to see if you would be willing to share more with Amy about this experience, from the planning stage, so that she can understand the purpose behind this experience, before her birth, if that would be something that you would be willing to explore with us?

G: Yes

D: Excellent, thank you so much. So, Amy before your birth, as you were preparing and planning for this lifetime, there was a planning stage that took place, a conversation with advisors, your spirit guides, and there was a moment where this was taking place, when you were discussing what you will be living and why you would be going through that experience; the benefits and the lessons. Both for yourself and for others involved. (a short induction took place to help her relax deeper and allow her memories to connect with her spiritual past more easily) Allow yourself to remember the conversation you were having and just let me know who you are with and what you are experiencing. (silence) I imagine the spirit guide that is with us, was with you then?

A: I don't know, there is a lot of emotion. (begins crying)

D: (I give her time to feel what she needs to feel and provide her with reassurance and encouragement)

A: My guides are here.

D: Before we go forward with your guides being around you, I'm curious if you could help me understand more about the emotion you were feeling, and if you would rather not share, that's perfectly OK too.

A: I'm not sure (emotion in her voice), I'm not sure about the crying. It's like a pain—it's a lot—overwhelming sorrow.

D: Thank you, so going back to the scene with your guides being with you...

A: Yes

D: ...it might be easier if your guide can tell us during this preparation stage, what it was that you were signing up to and agreeing to in this lifetime.

A: Yes

D: Yes, so I'll invite your guide now to share with us and with you what was it about this life that is so important for you to re-experience.

G: The experience. (pause) The experience.

D: What about the experience?

G: Well, it's for Amy to know more about love and forgiveness. It was for her, a chosen experience, the giving of her life, for her to understand and know more about love and understanding, the sacrifice that was made. Where Amy failed and has failed to realize, is that it wasn't about her mother protecting the sister, it was about the mother protecting the baby, and it was a choice that her mother made. But Amy looked at it as her being abandoned, and unloved and unwanted; and Amy did not run from the lion, Amy actually offered herself to the lion so that her family can be saved, so that her mother and her sister and her baby can be saved. But Amy does not remember that part of the story. She is still in the pain of the abandonment and the pain of not being loved, and she has been holding onto a grudge and resentment. (Amy begins to breath quicker and more intense, which turns into powerful sobbing, and then calming down and back to silence)

D: Thank you for sharing that, that is very helpful, very powerful. And I'm curious if you can help Amy understand a little bit more about how that experience, that memory, has influenced her current life. What she is still learning in this life that relates to this memory.

G: Amy needs to forgive, well there is really nothing to forgive, but for her, she needs to let go of that part of her story and she needs to remember that she gave herself because she wanted to; and she loved her family, and she loved her mom, and she loved her sister, and she loved the baby; and she knew that if she stood there and they ran, that the lion would attack her; and she made the conscious decision for her. So, she wasn't abandoned, they didn't betray her, they didn't leave her. And she always feels like her family betrays her because she is carrying that with her now. And we want her to let that go. And we want her to remember how courageous she was, and that she made the decision on her own, because of the love that she had for her family (Amy’s voice is very emotional as she is relaying the message from her guide)

D: (after some time in silence, I invite Amy and her guide to have a private conversation, and ask Amy to let me know when they are ready)

A: Ready

D: Excellent, thank you. So, Guide, thank you some much for helping us out through this, I have another question for you, something Amy was curious about, and it may or may not be related, but she would like to know where she is blocking her prosperity, which is preventing her from finding her true happiness, and I wonder if you could speak to that a little bit.

G: Yes. It's being angry and resentful, because she has been holding on to this story here, and being perceived as unloved, she thought that she was unloved and she thought she that was not wanted, and she felt that her family left her and that made her very angry and resentful, holding onto a grudge, which did not allow her to move forward. And now that she was able to see and understand, she has let go of the anger, and she understands how courageous she was, and how loving and giving it was for her family. That's going to allow her to move forward.

D: (after some silence) Thank you, that's very helpful. Amy has noticed that she is moving to her authentic self and honoring and loving the truth of who she is, and again, I wonder if there is something more you would like to share with her about that?

G: Yes.

D: Please.

G: We feel that she is doing an amazing job and we invite her to focus more on what she has done and appreciate the work that she has done on herself, instead of her always looking at what else is next. We invite her to appreciate what she has already accomplished and be her authentic self. She strives on value and integrity, and that's all she needs. She is always looking for what else, she is always looking at what is wrong, and we invite her to ask herself, "What is right?"

D: That's very powerful thank you. Anything else you would like to share?

G: We are very proud of her and she is doing an amazing job.

D: Thank you for sharing, I'm sure she feels grateful to hear that. And another thing that Amy is looking for, in terms of her direction, is more clarity, and I wonder if there is something you would like to share with her about that?

G: We will help her along the way and we will let her know.

D: Do you already have a way of communicating so that she knows it's coming from you?

G: Yes, but she doesn't always listen.

D: (I begin laughing out loud) Yeah, that's part of how we all are...can she do anything on her side that would allow her to awaken more to the messages from Spirit that guide her along her path?

G: She needs to pay attention, and trust. She knows what she knows. She just doesn't always listen.

D: Is there anything else you would like to share with us at this point.

G: She is on the right path and we are here with her.

D: Excellent, thank you thank you for everything you have shared. Very powerful, very deep and meaningful messages, both for her and for me. Before we move on, I'd like to invite any loved ones or other spirit guides to come forward, if there is something they would like to share or give to (client) at this point?

G: Yes

D: Fabulous. So, if you could please come forward and tell me who you are?

M: I'm her mother (Amy is crying as she speaks), I want her to know how much I love her and how much her sacrifice meant to us. It was never forgotten. She was always loved and honored. (continues crying and gently settles back into silence)

D: Thank you for coming forward...(I invite Amy and her mother to have a private conversation)

A: (begins to cry and settles into silence) OK

D: Thank you, I'd like to thank your mother for sharing that with you and with me, and I'd like to invite any other loved ones or spirit advisors to come forward if there is something they would like to share. (shakes her head) No, OK. Does this feel like a good place for us to finish with Amy? (nods her head) Yeah, OK. So, before we go, I would like to personally thank your guides for what they have said and I'm curious if there is anything in specific they would like to share with me.

G: As we are on our journey of life, we have experience, and due to our lack of memory we perceive things without understanding or knowing the entire story. In Amy’s situation, she remembered in the record the death, but she did not remember why, from the beginning. And because she only remembered the death, she had many many lifetimes where she was holding on to grudge and resentment and anger. Not understanding, or knowing or remembering, the full story. It's important to always go to the beginning, to understand how everything is unfolding. When we only have a snapshot, we don't have the truth, and it can cause lots of pain. That is all.

D: Thank you, thank you very much for that, I really appreciate it. (moment of pause) Is there anything else you would like to share with Amy or with me at this time?

G: No

D: Excellent, thank you again for everything you have shared with us...(I then bring the session to a gentle close and bring Amy back into the now)




When I checked in on Amy a few days later, she said the main thing for her to learn from our session was that she made the ultimate sacrifice for her family through love, and that she is choosing to apply that lesson in this lifetime, understanding that she no longer has to sacrifice herself for love or to prove her love.

The reason this case study is so relevant isn’t just because of Amy’s powerful message of love and forgiveness, but because it’s a reminder that there is more happening behind the scenes of our interpretations, which are forming our experience of life. It's innocent because of the amnesia that we are born with and because of the perceived idea that our interpretations are a “truth” that we subsequently use to decide how we live our lives.

Daniel Martinez StahlRemembering significant events from previous lifetimes that are still affecting us behind the scenes, through our interpretations, will therefore reduce the amount of negative thoughts that come into our heads, and lead to a better experience of life.

Reach out below if you are interested in a Life Beyond Form™ Spirit Journey, so that you can experience your own transformation multi-dimensional experience.


We are all on a quest to find our true selves throughout our lives, this site and the work that I do is an autobiographical representation of my own journey and the passion I feel to share what I have learned about what it means to be both Spirit and Human, and the symbiotic relationship between the two. In doing so, the hope is that my journey can help you connect, awaken and remember the true greatness, majesty and magnitude of who you are. So that you can create the life you want to live, with even more joy, abundance and love.

"May We All Soar With Inspiration, Explore With Passion and Live With Love."
          ~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

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